Women Physicians in the Medieval Era

Since as far back as the Classical ages, women have been in charge of their families’ health. Then, beginning in the Medieval period, women became known as healers not only for their family but also for people in the community. For example, it was one of the nuns duties to see sick people and attempt to nurse them back to health. A few famous women physicians during this time are: Trotula, Alessandra Giliana, and Abbess Hildegard of Bingen. One thing that these women and others lacked during this time was a formal university education. Many historians believe that women lack this type of education in total while some believe that their formal learning was limited. It is also believed by some that men and women worked together in the total care of a patient; the man would do surgical procedures and diagnoses while the woman would perform the practical application of the medication. This was only the start to women gaining power in the medical field but it was also a very significant and groundbreaking beginning.


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